Posted by: Ahmad Gaus | September 12, 2018

After The Truth No Longer Exists



Breakfast with Indonesian poet and author, Goenawan Mohamad, and Malaysian Artist, Pauline Fan at the Grand Bluewave Hotel, Selangor, Malaysia, December 9, 2017.



To: Goenawan Mohamad


After the truth no longer exists

Why do we still linger here

Preaching the greatness of God

Has not everyone become God for himself?


In the past times, the truth was hoisted

under the banner of the revolution

Brought to the battlefield

With a firm boundary between goodness and evil

But now the revolution no longer exists

War has become a stale story


Today’s truth is a believed lies

A falsehood that goes viral

Who cares, as long as people still believe


The truth has become a carcass slaughtered in a crowd

Thrown into a silent abyss

Like leaves falling to the earth

Hit by rain or a storm

Who cares?


Then, is there anything worth remembering

After the truth no longer exists

Besides the aroma of a cup of coffee

And birds chirping in the morning


September, 2018


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