Posted by: Ahmad Gaus | September 19, 2018




A speck of dust burning in the night sky accompanied my loneliness. The moon just rests in the window. Hesitating to convey the message from the lover who has become the horizon.

I imagine he came rolling up the waves in the silence of my chest. Calling back seagulls that go to another bay to make love. And exploring memories that are buried in sand and stone. In my shore the mist sleeping soundly. Coral reef are just waiting, and forever waiting, souls that will give them life.

The tongue is crushed under the foam. Words cross the island, and begin to tire of carrying the truth. And finally put it under the rainbow stairs when strong winds hit the beach in the afternoon.

Accordingly, my song tonight flowed into the lake. Because, what else can play the tone so beautiful other than the silence; who else can blink a life soul other than the clear eyes.

A poem by ahmad gaus, surabaya, Oct 04/17


 — Album Kenangan Pribadi —


august 2017, tidung island, kepulauan seribu

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