There is another who incites the wall

Hiding in an old microphone

His words scattered in the air

Splitting the city in two


And suddenly I lost you

Every time I call, you infiltrate the rock

Closing all doors from the sound of the wind


Chirping birds in open fields


Even the sun is now halved

One you take home

The rest is the darkness that you put on my face

Likewise highways, residential areas, art buildings, houses of worship.

Everyone stepped on someone else’s body to fly the flag

Faith resides above the head that ignites fire


People shout to God

But God isn’t here

In a split

I vaguely saw His face there

At the end of the road

Waving hands


Oct 04 2018

Ahmad Gaus AF



Published by Ahmad Gaus

Author - Lecturer - Researcher - Poem & Biography Writer

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