[Poem] Zombie City



Zombies build cities from the ground up in the holy human soil. After such a great war, in which they undoubtedly trounce over humans, authority has changed hands.  New rules are born.  Laws are enforced way above zombie values.  Values pouring from the fresh blood of corpses that roam; from the dead who sought revenge. 

Who is responsible for all this?  Where earth must be rescued from the breeding of new zombies; from an energy so bleak vandalism, terrorism, fanaticism all interwoven in their nature.

Humans have nowhere to evacuate but to prepare for the next war.  We are to reclaim the ancestral land back from them.  The land they so disgustingly set foot on is now enclosed by the unwanted debris of zombies who roamed into human bodies. 

While new buildings are erected from piles of decapitated heads, the streets are made from loose hands.  And the lights were removed from the eyes hung on the roadside poles. 

The whole city is now under their control. We are to transform ourselves into super-zombies to defeat them.  Or else, we shall require help from the almighty extraterrestrials They who can attract all religious doctrines  Doctrines which have turned humans into zombies in the first place.

a poem by ahmad gaus


“Di dunia ini ada kekuatan hitam, ada kekuatan putih. Kamu pilih yang mana untuk membantu mewujudkan impian-impianmu? Tapi ingat, setiap pilihan akan membawa akibat pada kehidupanmu.”


Perbenturan dua kekuatan hitam dan putih itu diwakili oleh dua karakter perempuan muda dalam novel Laura dan Burung Hantu, baca selengkapnya di sini: https://h5.novelme.com/bookinfo/18126

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