Posted by: Ahmad Gaus | September 13, 2018

Zombie City



The zombies build cities in human lands. After a great war, and humans can be defeated, power changes hands. New rules are created. Laws are enforced above zombie values. The value is pouring from the fresh blood of corpses that roam; from dead people who want revenge.

Who is responsible for humanity after some of them turn into zombies? Whereas the earth must be saved from the reproduction of new zombies; from black energy, vandalism, terrorism, fanaticism, and all the zombies forming factors.

Humans have no place to evacuate, except to prepare for the next war. Reclaim the ancestral land from the zombies. The land they stepped on was now surrounded by pieces of the zombie body that roamed into human bodies.

Meanwhile new buildings are arranged from a pile of heads. The streets are made from loose hands. And the lights were removed from the eyes hung on the roadside poles.

The whole city is now controlled by the zombies. Humans must transform themselves into super-zombies to defeat them. Or, asking for help from extraterrestrials attracts all religious doctrines that have turned humans into zombies.

—————————- a poem by ahmad gaus ——————————————————————



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